Uploading An Internal Job Description

Simply drag and drop your chosen job description into the box, or copy and paste the text into the text field.

The advert settings button allows you to change the perspective of the advert.

You can make the advert written in the third person (if you’re an agency recruiting for a client), or you can change the advert to being written in the first person (if you’re recruiting for yourselves).

You can also change the output language of the advert should you have clients innon-English speaking countries.

Once you’re happy with the advert settings, hit the ‘Write Advert’ button.  AdBuilder checks the job description for thefollowing key information:

  • Jobtitle
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Hiring company information

If it can’t get that information from the job description you’ll be asked to confirm it.

Once that’s done AdBuilder will begin to write your job advert.